“We shouldn’t have to die chasing our dream.”

Pete Tong, BBC1

“I had everything, and I was absolutely broken inside… ”

Selena Gomez

“I was this close on not being on this planet.”

Robbie Williams

Far too long we have been silent about mental health. It’s time to speak up and truly show yourself. Lets make your (mental) health a priority

Do you feel:

Not understood
Not heard
Not seen
Broken inside

Do you lack:

Self confidence
A positive mindset
Proper health
(Self) love

And you’re done with it? Want to put yourself, respectfully, first? Want to feel fit and balanced? Then it is time to change.

Make sure you know who you are, that you have clarity about what you stand for and what you find important. Look at yourself and start to acknowledge and see your true self.
Only then you’ll only need your own approval! Then you know what your qualities are, what your strength is, how you can make a difference. It’s time to show yourself, dare to dream again. Overcome doubts, fears and limiting beliefs. Get inspired to think bigger. Let creativity flow freely. Give yourself permission to feel utterly happy.

Do you find this difficult? And is this more then a challenge for you? Care to book results and make your (mental) health a priority? Want to learn to stand up for yourself and give less about other people’s opinions? Are you ready for your breakthrough? Choose yourself and your own happiness. Together we can make it happen. Result within 7 sessions.

How I can help you to stay healthy

The Amsterdam Dance Event pays more and more attention to the (mental) health of artists. I am proud to be part of this major shift we see in the scene. Not only as coach, but also as MC and moderator.

As bonus even the news pays attention to the mental health of artists, and based this item on my panel.

Let us be the generation that will wake up and develop a new standard for the scene that puts health first.COACHING

Design your destiny!

I am Fenny Nadorp

Certified Robbins-Madanes Strategic Intervention coach and trainer.

My goal is to create awareness about the importance of (mental) health. Coaching you to take responsibility for your own happiness and (mental) health. Set clear goals, gain more focus. Break through limiting beliefs, extend and protect your boundaries. 

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Are you ready to make yourself a priority?

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