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Hi, I’m Fenny Nadorp

Entertainment and creative industry certified life coach
Sustainable employability advisor
Conversation starter

  • Specializing in electronic music artists, producers and military •

Working with clients worldwide, online and F2F .
Languages Dutch and English.

Trained by neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) legend Tony Robbins, Chloé Madanes, Magali and Mark Peysha.

Teamed up with Migmag for topic discussions that artists, industry members and fans alike face to create and encourage a safe environment to openly discuss mental health issues.

Known as speaker, moderator and MC for Amsterdam Dance Event.

Graduate student supervisor during the project: “Break The Silence”.


I know from my own experience how the constant need to perform industry is hard work. A close friend of mine took his own life because he couldn’t take it anymore. The extreme hectic lifestyle you get yourself into is nothing school prepared you for.

And as former first class sergeant, I know first-hand how intense, difficult and how hard your normal day at work can be. Deployment, male culture, constant danger to your life and that of others.

In both worlds it is important to always stay on top of your game to stay fit to perform your best. It can push anyone, including you, over the edge. Especially when mental health is neglected.

I’m here to support, guide, and motivate you to take responsibility for your own life, happiness and (mental) health. I will help you prioritize yourself, get your shit together, discover your needs, boundaries, and your strengths. Committed to help you achieve your dreams, while maintaining balanced.

With love,

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