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It’s your life, take the lead.

Are you truly happy with the life you’re living? Is everything going as you wish or expected?
Are you feeling perfectly fine and absolute not overwhelmed, tired, broken and meaningless?
Do you feel like you’re in control of everyting that is happening for you?

No? Then let’s change the game and make you captain.
Unless you enjoy life as is. Not in control of your own happiness and success. But when you’re already here and still reading I want to tell you something. It’s not a real secret, but many don’t know and are even assamed of it… They feel like taking care and loving themselves first is selfish. But how on earth can you love someone else or set a good example when you don’t love and take care of yourself? And I truly ask you, why would you let someone else be in control of your life, you happiness and your success? It is YOUR life and yours alone. This is not selfish, it’s your birthright!

Ready? Let’s do this! Get out of the shadow and step into the light. It’s your time to shine. And this can be scary at first, but I promise you, you won’t have to do it alone. I’m here for you. to listen and guide you. So you can safely get to know yourself again, you learn to dream again. All in a safe place, where you’re welcome just the way you are.

I’ll help you change the negative voices in your head into positive voices, reframe your past, overcome doubts, fears and limiting beliefs. During our sessions you’ll  be inspired to think bigger, let creativity flow freely. You’ll learn how to create a mind of your own and how to stick with it.

Ready to give yourself permission to create to life you desire?
Care to book results and make yourself a priority?
Are you ready to start living life on your terms?

Let’s work together and make your life happen.

Zen with Fen

Spiritual sessions:

  • Single Spiritual session
  • Energy Healing session
  • Spiritual guidance
  • Garden of your soul

More info click: Zen with Fen

With your talent you give so much to the world. While you encounter so many obstacles. I’m here for you to support, inspire, motivate you. I’ll help you lose your excuse and get things done. Let’s create a sustainable, healthy, balanced life and career.

Read more: Because you’re worth it!

Up close and personal. Create the life and success you desire.

– Mental/ Physical Health and well-being
– Healthy lifestyle
– Comunication skills, media training
– Creating self-reliance
– Learn to safely push and protect boundaries

Available for:
– 1 on 1 coaching (online or at preferred location)
– Team coaching, build a team you can lean on.
– Sounding board

It’s time to get conversations started and create new thoughts that enable you to think outside the box.

Available for topics related to:
– (Mental) Health & well-being
– Networking/ socializing
– The (Highly) Sensitive introverted creative
– Motivational “get things done” talks
– Life balance

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About me

I’m a people reader pur sang and a certified life coach focusing on high-pressure environments.
Specialized in the electronic music industry and military, coaching professionals worldwide to succeed in life.
Recently, I teamed up with Mixmag and curated a series of articles for artists, industry members, and fans focused on issues around mental health. I created these articles to create a safe and open environment for these topics to be discussed.

Honoured to be the host and Moderator of Amsterdam Dance Event Health.

I’m highly sensitive, introvert and extravert, spiritual & the perfect amount of crazy. With my background as former First Sergeant at the Air Force I know how it is to feel the constant pressure to give it your all and the stress  that surrounds you. Using my gift of clear knowing, clear feeling and the energy around someone, I can see through the “act” that one can put on.

I’m here to support, guide, and motivate you to take responsibility for your own life, happiness and (mental) health. I will help you prioritize yourself, get your sh*t together, discover your needs, boundaries, and your strengths. No bs or making things more fancy than they are. I want to connect straight up with the real, honest, pure you. I am committed to help you achieve your dreams, while maintaining balanced.

With love and at your service,

Fenny Nadorp

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Testimonials without names ?! You may wonder why?
Because I fully guarantee the privacy of my clients.

I feel I have tackled amazing things with using skills I have gained from Fenny’s knowledge and experience.

This is utterly amazing!! Thank you SO much!

Thanks for your gift, to this day it’s been so helpful!

I met Fenny as an intelligent woman with a sweet, warm personality. I now know that she is much more than that. Fenny not only listens, but actually hears what is being said. Particularly sensitive and sympathetic they often have only a few words need to understand what is meant. She is solution-oriented and does not shy away from putting her finger on the sore spot every now and then. Fenny is honest and respectful.
Her passion has prompted me to choose for myself and set up my own company.

She made me think and open my eyes.

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