You’re willing to give it all, if not everything, to get and stay on top.

Long days with very irregular hours, confronted with disappointments, frustrations, setbacks and pitfalls. Wanting to become and stay “the flavour of the month”. I don’t have to tell you that thriving, the constant uncertainty and your need to perform in this high performance, fast moving industry has its downside.

While you seem to have everything others dream of, you’re feeling empty, alone, and even broken inside. Your schedule is full and you feel pushed, hurried, restless, not in control but you also don’t want to disappoint.
Exhaustion, burnout, drug and alcohol abuse lurk.

To keep up it’s truly important to stay fit, mentally and physically.

I’m the missing link between the life you have and the one you want!

Using my own created methodology where I read between the lines and look straight into your soul. Guiding you through your journey. Combining expertise, training, intuition and clear knowing.
Go deep. Book results and create the life you desire.

It’s your life, own it!
High end result coaching. Because you’re worth it.

Your path to self-confidence, creativity and success. Make your (mental) health a priority.
Learn to stand up for yourself and create a mind of your own. Find your “why”. Strengthen your focus and become the best & balanced version of yourself.

I’m your personal coach 24/7 at your service.  I’m your support, inspirator, motivator, sounding board, and confidant on speed dial, day and night.
Start today and step up your game. You’re the main character in your movie. It’s all about you.

Together we create a plan that empowers your life.

Don’t wait for opportunity to knock.
Start working toward the life you dream of.

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Always consult a physician in case of physical complaints. Coaching is a complement to standard care (no replacement).

About my sessions:

  • Proven personal strategies

  • Dutch and English

  • Book a time suitable for you

  • 1:1 online (video) call

  • On request: at preferred location


  • Mental/ Physical Health

  • Healthy lifestyle choices, wherever you are

  • Communication skills, media training

  • Creating self-reliance

  • Create a mind of your own and learn how to stick with it.