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Fenny Nadorp coaching and advice


Need help with deeper life questions?
Want to work on concrete goals or problems?

Increase your effectiveness and impact as a person, employee or manager by improving your personal mastery: your self-awareness and personal development. Learn to recognize and acknowledge your own talent. Stimulate your personal and professional development.

Just like you, my sessions are unique and specially tailored to you.


Individual coaching
Artist coaching

Confidential counselor

Working together to create safe working environments where everyone can excel and thrive.

Host, speaker & trainer

Inspiring, motivating and proactive.


Boost your body’s self-healing ability and strengthen the connection with yourself.

Don’t wait for opportunity to knock.

Invest in yourself.

Develop personal leadership and take control of your own life, health, happiness and career.

It’s your life. Start owning it.

About me

Passionate life, music, my family, healthy food, sports, positivity and spirituality are very important to me.

We often forget what we really think is important. Time flies and we are always busy. We are often guided by the expectations of others.

I did this long enough. Only listening to the voices in my head: “You’re naive”, “It’s not good enough”, “You can’t do that”. These beliefs settled more firmly in my head. Because of this, I blocked and was afraid of failing.

From an early age I had the feeling that I was different and didn’t really belong anywhere. I easily made contact, but didn’t let anyone really get close. I certainly wasn’t the person everyone thought they knew.
During my military training in the Royal Netherlands Air Force I was challenged to show my true self in a safe environment, but I felt lost. The search began.

My most valuable lessons and mind change where: “Life doesn’t happen to me, it happens for me.” and “I alone am responsible for making progress and my happiness”.

I took control of my life and decided to follow my heart and passion. A mindset that runs through my coaching as a common thread.
My coaching mainly focuses on artists and military personnel, but anyone who wants to work on themselves is welcome.

In the past I teamed up with Mixmag and curated a series of articles for artists, industry members, and fans focused on issues around mental health. I created these articles to create a safe and open environment for these topics to be discussed.

Honoured to be the host and Moderator of Amsterdam Dance Event Health.

I’m highly sensitive, introvert and extravert, spiritual & the perfect amount of crazy. With my background as former First Sergeant at the Air Force I know how it is to feel the constant pressure to give it your all and the stress that surrounds you. Creating a safe place where you can take your mask off.

I’m here to support, guide, and motivate you to take responsibility for your own life, happiness and (mental) health. I will help you prioritize yourself, get your sh*t together, discover your needs, boundaries, and your strengths. No bs or making things more fancy than they are. I want to connect straight up with the real, honest, pure you. I am committed to help you achieve your dreams, while maintaining balanced.


  • LVV certified confidential counselor
  • Strategic Intervention Life Coach
  • Reiki Master
  • Coach for Highly Sensitive Persons
  • Coach for executives
  • Health (weight) Consultant
  • Mental Health First Aid Responder

Fenny Nadorp coaching and advise

Sometimes standing still is the best thing you can do, only to be able to move forward afterwards.

With love and at your service,

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