Today I want to explain why I love passionate individuals.

How special it is to see an artist convert an emotion into something tangible. In a work of art, or music. How wonderful it is to be able to do something like that. It’s a gift. One that many people enjoy and benefit from. I use music for every state of mind. To feel relaxed or just to feel more positive, to lift me up and even prep me for an upcoming event. How do you feel about art or music?

I always feel amazed watching talented people. Whether it’s musicians, sculptors but also professional athletes. And it’s not just me. Many people look up to them, identify with them, even want to become like them.

I feel so grateful watching them enjoying their passion and talent.

Mostly we only see their highlights, not their struggles. These talents are driven, eager, passionate, sensitive, hungry and work hard to get where they want to be (and stay). Often there is pressure to perform at all times. The bar keeps getting raised. Trying to become better every time, achieving increasingly more and more eventually takes its toll. Often getting disappointed, because most talents are focussed on their passion and not the business part.

The harsh world we live in can be tough if you are “pure”, such as most artists. It’s difficult not to get overwhelmed or completely lose yourself. Experiencing insecurities and lacking self-confidence. Most heard sentence being: “Can you make a living with your music/ art?” A reason why many creative souls give up. Putting their talent aside and getting “normal” jobs.

Not doing what you love, and truly want to do, will eventually lead to a nagging feeling. Questioning yourself if this is all life has to offer. Is this just it? Is there nothing more? This often leads, not only, to mental problems, but also physical issues.

This makes me feel really sad. As a sensitive person I enjoy the talents of passionate people. I want everybody to feel happy and do what they love most. I find it painful to see someone languishing. Seeing their passion disappear and talents going to waste.

I remember a conversation I had, while working for the Airforce, with my colleague. He was a F16 pilot and talked so passionate about the plane. “His” plane and the technique. Technically it felt like he was speaking a language I didn’t understood at all. But the way he talked about it, kept me listening yearning for more. So I kept on feeding him with questions. I enjoyed every second talking to him. Wouldn’t it just be truly amazing if everybody would be able to speak about their work like that?

A doctor gets compliments for curing patients. I am not saying that music, art or a sports game can cure you, but it gets close. It could just be what a person needs to feel better, or to find strength to achieve better health. How many times do we thank creative souls for painting that amazing piece of art, arranging that sensitive song or playing the best match ever seen?

Through my coaching I can contribute my part. Because coaching helps with focus, believing in yourself, getting more self-confident and excel in a world that could easily overwhelm you.

Hereby I want to thank each and every creative and passionate soul out there for their talent, sharing it with us. I want to ask you to always keep believing.

With love,




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