“ We weren’t supposed to die chasing the dream” – Pete Tong

Why oh why didn’t anyone listen to Avicii when he said he did not wanted to perform. That it was way too stressful? Why didn’t anyone pushed him to slow down when he was sick?

When will we finally realize and acknowledge that health, and this includes mental health, is important and must not be neglected.

A guy like Tim was very young when he started his career. At a young age you still have to discover who you are, your boundaries, what you do and don’t like. And what your needs are. Discovering this in a safe environment where people are looking after you, or even guiding you, will create a perfect base for a young soul to develop and become a strong person.

When you  put this young person in a fast moving, constant need to perform industry with bookers, managers, fans and others who are making money and treating you as a product instead of a person you will most likely hit a wall sooner than later. Or even worse you start a self-destructive lifestyle where at the end you no longer can take it and give up on life.

Do we want to life in a place where we see young creative souls break down, destroy themselves and take their own lives? Is it worth the money to keep on pushing them over the edge?

When will we take responsibility and protect these precious souls? I have seen what (overnight) success can do with a person and I had enough. Together we can make a change! Because when you feel broken inside you don’t have to face it alone!

When will you WAKE UP and take responsibility for your artist, your team, and yourself?

Let us create awareness, generate a safe environment where we can talk openly about how we feel and help each other.

This is for me the reason why I designed a training program for everyone who is working with or for artists. With my brand new training program you’ll learn the importance of mental health and how to guide your artist (and yourself) to stay mentally healthy.

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