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I realized that not many are aware of the different personality types there are. And the effect your personality has on oneself. When others seem to love to perform it only brings you stress.

There are different kind of personalities. You can be introvert or extravert (and of course everything in between). Some also call it being (Highly) Sensitive or Sensation Seeker. In the long run it doesn’t matter how you call it. It is all about recognizing your traits and being able to learn how to use it in your advantage. It’s time to get to know yourself, embrace your traits and live your life the way it suits you. Not knowing, or ignoring who you are will get you nowhere but stuck in life.

To keep it simple:


Love getting attention/performing
Recharge by being social
Enjoy group conversations
Have more friends, but the bonds are less strong
Speak more
Easily accept change
Get distracted easily
Are more open
Open up to anyone
Make decisions quickly
Are fine working in open (and crowded) spaces


Are not interested being in the center of attention
Recharge by spending time alone
Enjoy 1 on 1 conversations
Have closer relationships with a few friends
Listen more
Struggle with change
Can focus deeply for a long time
Are more reserved
Life in their own world, forget everything aroung them
Reflect before making decisions
Like working in smaller (and quiet) spaces

Of course, this may not apply to you or your personality type 100 percent of the time. Many introverts exhibit extroverted behaviours, and vice-versa. It’s not an exact science. But it is a great stepping stone to understanding a personality type that may be opposite to yours.

Avicii shows all of us in the documentary “True stories” how he, as an introvert, feels about performing. The stress it brings. I think he is also sensitive (HSP) and because of that he’s not only feeling the stress and anxiety that comes along with facing another performance, but even picks up the energy, stress, excitement of others around them. Therefor he feels even more stress and anxiety. I love the way he is open and honest about it. If you have the chance go watch his documentary. Luckily he found out why he felt like that, and acted just in time.

When you don’t listen to what you really need and don’t give yourself the attention and care you deserve, you eventually pay the price.

Even thought you are extroverted you still have listen to what you need. It’s truly important to learn to understand yourself, your needs, your traits and act on it.

When you’re not feeling fit, are extremely tired, sick, stressed out, you can’t sleep, need drugs or alcohol, stop and take time to listen to yourself. Ask yourself what you need.

In this business it is easy to lose yourself. Feeling the pressure of always wanting to be on top of the game, not being able to say “NO”. Feeling the constant pressure to perform.

Not wanting to “disappoint” your fans or even your manager, bookings agent, etcetera.

Or your team that always fills your schedule like you don’t have a say in it. Well guess again. Without you they wont have schedule to fill. I’m not saying you should act like a prick and start slacking. If you really want it, you have to work for it, but find BALANCE! Communicate with your team about your needs, your feelings. They are important. You burning up, hurting or even destroying yourself isn’t good for anyone. It’s better to slow down once in a while to catch a breath. In the long run that’s better for all parties involved. If you’re working with individuals who don’t understand your health isn’t that important, consider making some changes. You need friends, family, and a team around you who care about you and your wellbeing.

Awareness is key. Sometimes in life you have to do things you don’t like to do, but has to be done. Keep in mind you always have a choice and remember that. Become aware of your thoughts, feelings and needs. Be aware of the pro and cons of your decisions and actions. You are important!

We are so much stronger when we combine our strengths.  Let us start with helping each other by creating awareness.

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