5 easy steps

The most difficult thing about being a Highly Sensitive Person or a High Sensation Seeker is you get overwhelmed easily. You experience every situation intense. Through the in-depth information processing your brain is more sensitive to stress than someone who is not highly sensitive.

What can you do to recover, recharge after you get overwhelmed?

  1. Recharge
    Find a couple of things that give you energy. Read a book, go for a run, do yoga, sleep, meet up with friends, listen to music, make funny faces. Get yourself grounded. Do what makes you feel good.
  1. Relax
    Slow down when you feel like you can’t. Distance yourself from your “task” and look at it. Do you really need to do everything yourself? Learn to delegate.
    Learn to let go of the things that are out of your control. If you can’t control things, let it go. When you feel like running, start walking slowly and take a couple of deep breaths.
  1. Increase your ability to read your body’s signals
    Listen closely to your body, it is trying to tell you something. Focus on what you feel, are you in pain of is there a nagging feeling. Pay attention and listen. You body and intuition are there for you.
  1. Focus on routine, certainty and comfort
    You might find it boring to have routine, certainty and comfort. But when you’re sensitive it gives you time to breath, Routine, certainty and comfort is sometimes just what the doctor ordered. Take it easy. Get a routine, create certainty and enjoy the comfort that comes with it.
  1. Get warm
    Take a long hot shower/ bath or go to a sauna, enjoy the fireplace and dress warm. Not to warm, but comfortably warm. Being cold is like a constant stress factor for your body and warmth is comforting.

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