And that is frustrating as hell…

Finally you’ve decided to choose yourself and to go for what you desire.

Your dream job, the person you secretly love, living your soul purpose, enjoy your life more without financial worries,
be more self-confident, start your own business, and so on…

You use positive affirmations, you meditate, you visualize, you try everything every successful person seems to be doing.

But then…

You’re not getting your dream job, the person you secretly love seems a mismatch, you’re more than ever worried about your finances, and on top of it all your not feeling healthy at all.

It’s frustrating! You’re trying so hard and nothing seems to be going like you want.

So you are quickly done with it … “This just does not work”. “Let it sit, it is not for me”. “I’m not worth it, you see”. And before you know, everything is like it was before.

Let me explain, why this happened and will happen until you really change on the inside.
Whatever you send out, you’ll receive. Where your focus goes, grows… Familiar with this? Or ever heard from “The Secret”. Now don’t start beating yourself up. You had the first step right. You’ve decided to do things differently. Now let’s get ready for the next step.

You are still surrounded by the reflection and vibration of your old habits, beliefs, feelings and choices. Now is the time to react differently, to show that you really have changed. Then the magic can do its job!

If you continue to react in the old way; full of frustration, fear and negativity, this proves something very important, namely that you have not really changed.

You have told yourself that you deserve to be happy, to find your dream job, and so on. But somewhere deep inside you are still waiting for confirmation from outside yourself: an event or a person who ensures you, you indeed deserve happiness, abundance and love.

If you had actually changed on the inside, you had already reacted in a new way.

Then you did not concern yourself with the how and when, but you had to trust that it would just come at the right time. Because then you had known that you are loved and that you deserve to be happy and live in abundance.

That way you also show that you have really changed. And from that moment on you will radiate a higher energy vibration and everything around you will react to your new energy. And are you really going to attract positive events, your desires.

If you recognize these frustrations, it is good to look inside yourself and feel: What old beliefs are holding you back? What else can be healed or released?

You are a beautiful person and you deserve Love, Abundance and Happiness! But it is important that you also really feel this yourself!

I know … this is not easy at first. It requires a lot of patience, practice and a real Mind shift. But that’s how it works!

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