Are you struggling with life questions?
Do you feel overwhelmed or completely misunderstood?
Caught in a vicious circle? Want to know why you’re stuck?

The Garden of your soul can give you much needed answers to move forward. Sometimes answers you don’t expect, but need to hear.

It doesn’t matter whether you and I are 10 feet or miles apart, or even we’re in different timezones. I’m able to work with your energy from anywhere across the world.  As soon as I begin, I fully tune into you. Once linked into your energetic signature I can work effectively. Beautiful thing is you can continue what you’re doing. You don’t need to change your schedule or stay at home. 

The reading will find place within 2 weeks after booking. After my reading you’ll receive an e-mail with my findings of the Garden of your Soul, and a link to book your clarification session.

This includes:
1 reading and written report
1 clarification session

Total package value: € 495

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Always consult a physician in case of physical complaints. The garden of the soul exercise is a complement to standard care (no replacement).
I don’t predict your future. Your future is not written in stone, but is what you make of it.